Subbuteo Art produce brilliant limited edition 'Hazard vs Ballboy' figure

Posted by Chris Wright

Ah, Subbuteo. Countless were the hours that TP spent flicking our little plastic balls around in the privacy of our bedroom in days gone by -- though, admittedly, most of those hours were actually spent trying to get the darn creases out of the pitch.

Sadly, as the miserable, sedentary youth of today are more obsessed with their computer games, like yo-yos and woodwind instruments, Subbuteo has become a bit of a relic -- though it does still exist in one form or another.

Take Subbuteo Art for example; who specialise in producing handmade, limited edition miniature Subbuteo figurines depicting famous footballing scenes.

They've already covered Rene Higuita's scorpion kick, Wayne Rooney's Manchester Derby-settling overhead kick andMario Balotelli's Euro 2012 'flex' celebration but their latest creation may just be their best yet: Eden Hazard giving that Swansea ballboy's spleen what for/harmlessly poking the ball from underneath him.

Hasbro Corp

Hasboro Corp

Amazing attention to detail, right down to Hazard's rubbish chin-strap facial hair!

(Via Subbuteo Art)

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