Arsenal player fines leaked: 100 quid to read papers in dressing room!

Posted by Chris Wright

A list of Arsenal's various player fines found its way onto Twitter over the weekend, with the most notable perhaps being that if you want to read a newspaper in the Emirates dressing room it's going to cost you an astonishing one hundred English pounds sterling!

Never have the funny pages been so expensive...

The list of infringements reads thus (fines in pounds):

Non-attendance of unused player at home matches without permission - 1,000
Late for training/treatment - under 15 mins late 250, over 15 mins late 500
Late for travel - 500
Late for matchday meetings/meals - 250
Wrong kit on matchdays - 100
Inappropriate clothing outside dressing room - 100
Outdoor shoes in dressing room - 100
Newspapers, laptops and phones in medical room - 100
Newspapers in dressing room - 100
Non-production of urine sample for 2 consecutive weeks - 200
Phone calls in the building - 500
No participating in Commercial Activities - 500

Another amusing aspect is that all fines are payable to Per Mertesacker, who obviously acts as Arsene Wenger's in-house bailiff as having a giant German centre-half chase you up for your money is obviously a damn sight more intimidating than having cuddly little Andrey Arshavin trying to shake you down.

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