Uruguay suspend all football for 10 days after Nacional keeper punches riot cop in the face

Posted by Chris Wright

The Uruguayan Football Association have put the kibosh on all professional football in the country for the next ten days after several instances of extreme violence marred the recent fixture between Penarol and Nacional, culminating in Nacional goalkeeper Jorge Bava punching a riot policeman in the face during an altercation on the pitch at the end of the game.

Along with Bava's right hook, there was also a shooting outside the stadium as fans of both sides fought in the streets around the Centenario Stadium, with UFA president Sebastian Bauza reaching the end of his tether and announcing that all football will be suspended to give the authorities time to deal with the disruption and disorder.

"We have agreed (with the Interior ministry) that we have to take decisions and send out signals that there are limits that must be respected," Bauza told a media conference.

"The acts that occurred outside and inside the Centenario stadium must not be repeated."

According to the Press Association, Bava was arrested for lamping the cop, but only after a judge who happened to be watching the game at home on television phoned the local police station (which is actually situated underneath the Centario Stadium) and ordered the Nacional keeper to be detained overnight.

Bava was released on Thursday after publicly apologising to the policeman, but still faces possible assault charges and is currently not allowed to leave the country without permission.

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