Video: Officials beaten after abandoning Chilean amateur game

Posted by Chris Wright

Sadly, flashes of brutality have a tendency to crop up every now and again in South American games, with the recent regional final between amateur sides Baquedano and Pablo Lizama in Melipilla, Chile, the lastest in a long line of lower-league games to end amid appalling scenes of violence.

The game had already been interrupted by several pitch-invasions and some truly horrific fouling from both sides when the referee finally had enough and threw the fixture out and attempted to walk from the pitch.

It was then that things got really nasty, with one of the Pablo Lizama players flooring the referee with a flying kick to the chest (visible at the 1:22 mark) before both players and irate fans mobbed the floored official and began beating him as he lay motionless on the turf.

What an utter disgrace.

As can be seen in the footage, the referee was momentarily knocked out by the swarm of attackers around him, while the linesman lost most of his teeth after being assaulted on the touchline.

Needless to say, parallels have been drawn between the beating in Chile and the tragically needless death of Dutch amateur linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen, who died in hospital after being beaten unconscious by a group of his son's teenage opponents at a junior game back in early December.

Former Baquenado coach Jorrit Smink told local media after the game: "Unfortunately, football has too many players like this. In Holland, an assistant referee was murdered by some young players. The surprising thing is that the only people who work at FIFA are mafia types and complete idiots. That works from the top down."

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