Video: Gigantic, ridiculously ugly 25-foot Messi effigy burnt in La Pata to ring in New Year

Posted by Chris Wright

In a 'tribute' to the incomparable Lionel Messi and his outstanding efforts in 2012, the residents of the Argentinian city of La Plata rang in the New Year in traditional fashion: erecting a huge 25-foot tall effigy of L'il Leo, sticking a small munitions dump's-worth of 'Chinese Sky Candy' (© Lou from The Simpsons) up its papery posterior, lighting it safely at arm's length, retreating to a safe distance and watching that sucker blow...

Burning atop a gigantic bonfire and Messi still doesn't go down. What a trooper.

The effigies are traditional New Year spectacles in Argentina, and the Messi model was one of 144 that were burned to cinders across La Plata. All well and good, but why did they have to make it look so bloody awful?

We appreciate that large-scale papier mache isn't exactly the easiest medium to work with, but egads! That thing's an eyesore. Messi? It looks more like the jaundiced corpse of Gerard Depardieu's malnourished identical twin.

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