Video: Ibra may or may not have deliberately stomped Dejan Lovren's cranium

Posted by Chris Wright

PSG beat Lyon 1-0 Sunday to rise to the summit of the Ligue 1 table, but not without Zlatan Ibrahimovic running roughshod (quite literally) all over Lyon defender Dejan Lovren - or, more specifically, Lovren's head.

It's impossible to tell if Zlatan deliberately intended to insert his studs into Lovren's temple, though it would appear the monolithic Swede altered his stride to make sure he made contact with Lovren's temples. Either way, he escaped without punishment at the time.

Have a look...

What's the diagnosis, TP fans? Is Zlatan guilty of a deliberate trample or is Lovren to blame to jumping in front of a speeding demi-god?

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