Hammarby midfielder Jan Solli receives strange yellow card

Posted by Chris Wright

Way back yonder in Toe Poke's school days, the "attacking goalkeeper" was a fairly common tactical approach in the playground, with many playing in said position semi-regularly choosing to implement a dribbling tactic known colloquially referred to as "jumpering," in which the cunning 'keeper would stuff the ball up his jumper and charge upfield past opposing players on the premise that his actions couldn't possibly constitute handball as the ball was being held aloft, not manually, but by clothing. Continue Reading...

GIF: Normal people attempt to jump as high as Cristiano Ronaldo

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Angel Martinez/Getty ImagesCristiano Ronaldo shows off his hops earlier this season.

Set up at a sports expo, here we see a physical test in which a football is dangled from the ceiling at the kind of height at which Cristiano Ronaldo is able to connect with the more impressive of his headers -- roughly 2.88 metres (9.4 feet!) off the floor. And we see a sequence of punters, mere mortals, attempting to pit themselves against the spring-heeled Real Madrid superstar in a bid to reach the same altitude ... and failing ... by quite some margin.

Very commendable that he still chose to use his head rather than his hands to make the save. Continue Reading...

Pardew blames local press for fans’ anger, Sunday Sun publish brilliant ‘apology’

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Having seen their manager exiled from stadiums nationwide for headbutting a player and their beloved side concede 24 goals in their last 11 games -- winning just once in their last six -- it's perhaps understandable that Newcastle fans are a little on the grumpy side at the moment.

Still, Alan Pardew chose to blame the negativity of the local press for the current air of unease among the Toon Army of late, which came to the fore once again when Newcastle slumped to a 1-0 defeat against Stoke City on Saturday -- presumably the press' fault too. Continue Reading...

Video: Falcao moved to tears by hysterical reaction from young fan

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Philippe Merle/AFP/Getty ImagesColombian striker Radamel Falcao hopes to recover from a knee injury in time for the World Cup.

Currently waylaid by a serious knee injury, Radamel Falcao took time out of his ongoing bid to return to full fitness in time to make it to this summer's World Cup by spending an afternoon meeting a few members of his young fan base, who had been flown to Spain from the striker's native Colombia in order to meet their idol.

Upon Falcao entering the room, one young fan, 13-year-old Michael Steven, burst into hysterical tears almost immediately after laying eyes on the Monaco striker, unable to rein in his emotions as he embraced his hero. Continue Reading...

Yours for just $7,500 -- a diamond made from Pele's hair

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AP PhotoThere has always been a regal air to Pele's hair.

Timed to coincide with the build-up to the World Cup in Brazil, Pele has joined forces with Brazilian jewellers Brilho Infinito to produce a limited edition run of incredibly personal statuettes.

We say incredibly personal as the statuettes are actually created using Pele's DNA -- his hair to be precise -- with each of the 1,283 figurines adorned with a one-carat diamond made from carbon extracted from a strand of the legendary former Santos striker's hair.

Video: Zlatan sneaks up on Mourinho during interview to wish him luck

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Having watched Chelsea slip past Paris Saint-Germain at the buzzer thanks to Demba Ba's dramatic 87th-minute aggregate winner, manager Jose Mourinho ventured out onto the pitch at Stamford Bridge to fulfil his post-match media duties.

It was at this point that Zlatan Ibrahimovic (who sat out the game due to injury) chose to surprise his former coach by creeping up behind the Chelsea boss while he was being interviewed pitch-side and giving him a sneaky little tickle in the kidneys before wishing him all the best in the semifinals . Continue Reading...