Lukaku perfect for Swans

Posted by Max Hicks

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty ImagesRomelu Lukaku: Looking for another loan deal next season

One particular transfer rumour gathering steam at the moment has Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku coming to the Liberty next season. Whilst on loan at West Brom this season, the young Belgian striker has asserted himself as among the best in the league and word is he wants another loan move next season to a club playing European football. That positions Swansea as an ideal destination.

The Swans are an attractive proposition for bigger clubs looking to blood some youngsters. Players who come to Swansea learn to play technical, sophisticated football under the tutelage of one of the game's greats in Michael Laudrup. The small Welsh side can guarantee lots of playing time for the right player (although this isn't always the case, as Josh McEachran and Itay Shechter can attest), and loan moves - particularly for strikers, the games most expensive position to fill - suit the Swans financially.

Lukaku is among the top three league leaders for shot accuracy (third with 58%), minutes played per goal (first with 119) and minutes played per shot on target (second with 43). He is in the top five for minutes played per shot (fourth with 25) and chance conversion (fifth with 21%), and his 13 goals are good for ninth in the top ten scorers so far.

In fact, Lukaku's goals account for nearly one third of West Brom's total goal output in league play this season (42) - similar to Michu, whose 17 goals for Swansea make up nearly 40% of his side's total from league play so far (43). The potential goal return should both men find themselves on the same team would be tantalising to say the least.

Michu's best performances have come when he has been played behind the striker, whilst Lukaku is very much a frontman. This means that should Lukaku come to Swansea, each man could be played in his best position at the same time - there'd be none of the fantasy football style 'shift him to the wing' compromise so often seen when a manger decides to crowbar two outstanding individuals into the same starting XI.

Loaning Lukaku as the Swans new starting striker would ease the financial burden of having to pay a premium for one from elsewhere, in turn freeing up enough funds for other areas of the side - a transfer fee for Jonathan de Guzman, say. What's more, the well-built Belgian is unlikely to suffer injury too often and appears to have a big enough engine to clock some significant game time without fatigue, all of which reduces the need for cover. Re-signing Luke Moore would be a start, and we already know Michu can pass as a striker.

It's still just a rumour, but it seems to have some legitimacy. Whether it happens depends on whether Jose Mourinho sees a role for Lukaku in what will very probably be his side next season, and whether Roman Abramovich is ready to swallow a little pride and finally call an end to the Fernando Torres debacle.

Personally, this is one rumour I'd love to see come to life. Lukaku is exactly the sort of striker the Swansea system needs - a big unit with the physicality to hold up the ball when required and the pace and technical skills to convert breakaway chances. Lukaku is a fantastic forward with no obvious weaknesses and plenty of obvious strengths, exactly the type of player a one-striker system demands. This one would put the Swans over the edge.

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