Tony Pulis should join the media blackout

Posted by James Whittaker

Chris Brunskill/Getty ImagesStoke manager Tony Pulis believes Saturday's QPR match is not a must-win affair.

At a time when it's vital for all to pull in the same direction, Tony Pulis should perhaps think about joining his players in their media blackout as every time he opens his mouth he is fanning the flames of frustration felt by the fans.

- Pulis: Relegation fight could go distance

Many are now against him, though he'd love to believe otherwise, but there is recognition that negativity when it counts is counterproductive, and as such most have tried their best to keep their emotions in check for these vital remaining games. The problem is, every time the manager speaks to the media, that anger and resentment comes rushing to the surface as fans find it impossible to ignore the inane ramblings of a man who shows no sign of accepting any responsibility for the club's current predicament.

Before the Aston Villa game he came out and assured the fans that it was not a must-win match; that his side only need two wins and they could be the last two games. Everyone saw what that rousing encouragement accomplished as the players barely turned up with any urgency or purpose to lift themselves out of this 18 month 'blip' towards safety. Lady luck appeared battered and bruised begging for mercy as Pulis again bemoaned her absence in that and the subsequent match. The finger of blame appears to swing wildly from the gods to the fans but never turning on the one person whose feet it falls squarely at: his own.

Those comments were then followed up this week by a brief glimpse into his tactical genius: "We've got five rolls of the dice left to get the six points we need," before again proclaiming that QPR isn't a must-win game either. But it was another comment that surpassed all before it that offered an unambiguous and disturbing insight into his perception of our current mess:

"We haven't deserved to be where we are."

And therein lies the problem. A complete and utter inability to recognise the issues facing the club, either that or bare-faced denial in the face of extreme criticism both of which will quickly seal the Potters' fate for the worse.

So for the sake of the fans you're so quick to call on Pulis, please join the media ban and let them turn up in blissful ignorance of your thoughts and in doing so lift the atmosphere in the hope that lady luck might feel more welcome, as let's face it, right now she looks like our only hope of a result.

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