Recent history - let's not forget

Posted by Chris Rann

With Saints losing their second game of the season on Saturday, there was some inevitable panicking. Artur Boruc made a dreadful mistake and for some, that was enough to have him sent packing from the club and a new goalkeeper brought in straight away. It is crazy how one mistake (albeit a ludicrous one) can instantly erase the fantastic performances over the last year from people's minds. Mauricio Pochettino made a public statement of support for his number one, and the fans need to echo it. Right now, Saints don't have a good enough replacement in my opinion, and on the back of Boruc's previous performances he deserves to be backed.

• Rann: No tears for Saints

Saturday evening was the perfect time for reflection. A sign of how far Saints have come as a club was the lowness that accompanied a defeat by Arsenal at the Emirates. It got me thinking about all the lows I have felt as a Southampton supporter in what can only be describes as 'recent' history.

One that stood out was six years ago to this very day. I remember it particularly because I was serving in Iraq at the time. Football is one of your only comforts in a situation like that, and Saints did little to comfort me that season. On this particular day they were away at Ipswich Town, and my boss was a fan of the blues, so it is a stand out fixture in the memory.

I think the 2-0 defeat may represent the beginning of the lowest period in my Saints supporting history. It is certainly the time I pinpoint as the beginning of the end, a situation I never thought they would bounce back from. It is crazy to look at single kicks of the ball and wonder what could have been, for just six months prior to this game with Ipswich, poor penalties from Leon Best and Inigo Idiakez had denied Saints a place in the Championship playoff final. From that moment onwards, everything for two years was downhill.

Within the space of two weeks at the end of the 2007/08 season I watched Saints stay up in the Championship by the skin of their teeth, and then had to find something to do while the rest of my colleagues gathered round the TV to watch the FA Cup final. Not sure who won it that year, but I certainly wasn't interested.

I guess my point is, it is easy to get carried away with the good start to the season Saints have had, but at times it is healthy to remind ourselves where they have been. The recent past should make Saints fans appreciate the present even more so, and a defeat at Arsenal really isn't the end of the world.

If any set of fans has deserved a run of highs it is us. Embrace it.


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