U.S.-Mexico, from both sides of the border

Posted by ESPN Staff

So you probably heard that there's this little match being played Tuesday. U.S. vs. Mexico. World Cup qualifying. In the Azteca. For 90-odd minutes, the soccer world will stand still for this grandest of international rivalries.

Of course, El Tri supporters will ask "What rivalry?" given that it's been rather one-side in Mexico's favor. American fans will not waste time with a rebuttal, which will include the fact that the U.S. earned its first victory against Mexico south of the border last August.

Yes, it was just a friendly but in this rivalry, every point -- every victory -- matters.

To celebrate the upcoming match, which you can watch on ESPN starting at 9:30 p.m. ET Tuesday and on WatchESPN, we present an excerpt of an (ahem) friendly debate between two guys who are no stranger to the U.S.-Mexico narrative: former American defender Alexi Lalas and Jared (Ha-red) Borgetti, the former El Tri striker.

Their debate will air on ESPN ahead of the showdown at the Azteca.

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