Five Pieces to Enliven Your Morning - August 21

Posted by Roger Bennett

I woke up this morning and was relieved to see the papers confirmed that Everton did indeed beat Manchester United 1-0 yesterday. I had a minute of panic that it had all been a lovely dream ...

Come, worship at the temple of Fellaini
There are few players I enjoy watching more than Everton's Marouane Fellaini. A comedy figure at the outset of his Everton career, he has become an imperious midfielder who can single-handedly dictate games. The BBC's Phil McNulty comes to praise him here while mocking Alex Ferguson's postmatch claims that Fellaini is just a "big, tall, gangly lad."

United: Licensed to ill?
The Telegraph delves into the mystery of Manchester United's injury list, on which groin and back strains have become contagious. They make the case that healthy midfielder Michael Carrick is feeling the pain more than most.

Tony Hibbert: The old-school footballer
A great profile of Everton's cult defender, Tony Hibbert, by the talented Iain Macintosh. I love any article that starts: "He waits. That’s what he does. Then he shuffles. That’s how he moves. Side-step, side-step, side-step, tracking the bogey, marshalling it, gently manoeuvring it into position. And then he strikes." (spotted by Mark Coale)

As go the Red Sox, so goes Liverpool?
A thoughtful attempt to reverse-engineer Liverpool's future by examining John Henry and Tom Werner's overhaul of the Red Sox business. A provocative piece from the must-read (for Liverpool fans) Tomkins Times.

Who bought the Manchester United shares?
Odd one, this. Many writers, including this one, labeled the Manchester United IPO as a dire investment, and its slumping share price suggests that might be right. But it was announced this morning that George Soros bought over $40M worth of shares. This BBC piece speculates wildly about his possible motivations.

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