Something for Arsenal fans to believe in

Posted by Roger Bennett

Shellshocked Arsenal fans looking for something to believe in now that RvP is set to jump ship and head North could do worse that read this: Bill Simmons' classic "Ewing Theory"

1. "A star athlete receives an inordinate amount of media attention and fan interest, and yet his teams never win anything substantial with him (other than maybe some early-round playoff series).

2. That same athlete leaves his team (either by injury, trade, graduation, free agency or retirement) -- and both the media and fans immediately write off the team for the following season."

And yet the team proceeds to excel in his absence, playing harder, more committed, more hungry ball without him.

According to Simmons, the theory held for the Yankees in 96 when Don Mattingly departed. It even worked for Beverley Hills 90210 in 1994 when Shannen Doherty sought new theatrical challenges. Can Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and ... Andre Santos make it so for football?

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