Time for Rangers and Green to part company

Posted by John Gow

Charles GreenPA PhotosCharles Green has proved more trouble than good for Rangers

When Rangers fans look back at the Ibrox leadership of David Murray and Craig Whyte, some must wonder how they could have been fooled by them when, in hindsight, the negative direction they were taking the Light Blues was easy to see.

But hindsight is a perfect science, and at the time the fans were conflicted. These two people owned Rangers, so there was a tendency to confuse them with the club, and defend them because of that. Others reasoned that they had the hand on the steering wheel and it was best to keep them on the road, rather than fight them for control and possibly end up crashing.

As well meaning as these strategies were, they were ultimately flawed. Yet some Rangers fans are re-using them in their attitude towards the shambles created by Rangers' Chief Executive, Charles Green. Every supporter knows he is a man full of bluster, but previously he got the job done so his occasional lapses could be forgiven.

A perfect example was the successful IPO share issue. Raising millions in the Third Division was a remarkable feat, so his robust defence of the club around that time seemed appropriate. From the summer of 2012, Rangers needed a street-fighter and Charles Green loved the role.

But he loved it too much. Over the last month, the club have been embarrassed with Charles Green's links to Craig Whyte and the incredible admittance, and then defence, of racist language towards Imran Ahmad.

For the latter issue, it is worth explaining that he was telling a national newspaper how much he hates racism and sectarianism. That's great, but instead of remembering he is the CEO of Rangers FC and leaving it there, he loses all sense of perspective and delves into his opinion of political correctness.

He said: "When I played at Worksop Town, the other striker was 'Darkie' Johnson. Now if I say that today I could go to jail. You know, Imran [Ahmad] will come into the office regularly and I'll say 'How's my p--- friend?'."

To pro-actively tell a newspaper such things is mind-boggling. But he could have apologised and made the point that he is out of touch and no malice was intended. He might even have brought awareness to the anti-racism cause and possibly turned it into a positive.

Yet he didn't apologise and for this alone he should not be an employee of Rangers FC. It wasn't enough to embarrass the club through stupidity; his refusal to apologise brought humiliation and showed that Charles Green comes first, whatever the consequences.

But this is not all. The slow leaking of his possible links to Craig Whyte has corroded much of the trust between the fans and himself, and is only leading one way. This is bad enough, but if Charles Green appears to be telling the fans nonsense including, bizarrely, a link-up with the Dallas Cowboys, then his statements about the relationship with Whyte will be questioned.

With the consequences for any real links between the two being catastrophic and the growing uneasiness in the partnership with his manager, the time has come to thank Charles Green for his year and make a parting of the ways before it all explodes.

He will have made the money he said he was at Ibrox to make, and in return the fans can thank him for his bullish performances when they needed something to rally around. It has to be remembered that he is not the Rangers owner, and there would be little trouble in finding a competent and reliable Chief Executive to replace him.

There is an old saying that 'no man is bigger than the club'. Well at the moment Charles Green is bigger than Rangers, at least in his own eyes, and the club is suffocating because of it. Time to let the club breathe again.

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