Newcastle managers - how does Pardew stack up?

Posted by Marc Duffy

Ian Walton/Getty ImagesAlan Pardew has won 35 of his 91 games in charge of Newcastle

With five defeats from six Premier League games it seems topical to remember that Newcastle have had a disproportionate number of managers in recent years and very few of them are remembered with fondness.

However, there is a myth that circulates in the media about how quick the Toon fans are to turn on the man in charge, but, unless there are specific reasons (see Sam Allardyce's ugly period in charge), the vast majority of supporters remain loyal.

Take current manager Alan Pardew for instance. Despite the five defeats in six - leaving Newcastle only two points ahead of the relegation zone at time of writing - very few have turned on him, and rightly so.

So how do the managers compare in terms of % win ratio in all competitions? Starting with Kevin Keegan I will break this down between the ten managers who have been at the helm of Newcastle United Football Club for the most games in the Premier League era.

This is only out of interest and for a bit of fun - I haven't forgotten how circumstances have differed for managers. Different budgets, different owners, the billionaire Sugar Daddy era that we live in today with Chelsea and Manchester City, plus the fact that some managers took charge of the club at the very top level - in the Champions League.


1. Kevin Keegan
Combined record (two spells): P273 W145 53%
First spell: 05/02/92 - 08/01/97 P251 W138 55%
Second spell: 10/01/08 - 04/09/08 P22 W7 32%

Kevin Keegan is a Newcastle United Legend. The football that Keegan dished up was as good as we've seen up here and all that is missing was some silverware, but then none have achieved that. Many of Keegan's wins came in the old Division Two, but considering where Newcastle were when he took charge that only makes his record more impressive. He turned the football club around.

2. Chris Hughton
Combined record (two spells): P74 W39 53%
First spell: 08/09/08 - 29/09/08 P4 W0 0%
Second spell: 01/06/09 - 06/12/10 P70 W39 56%

Chris remains a favourite on Tyneside. His sacking in December 2010 provoked outrage, though the unhappiness subsided as Alan Pardew became more successful. He will always be warmly welcomed in Newcastle and rightly so. Hughton's record in the Championship does give his figures a major boost though - his overall Premier League win ratio was only 23%

3. Sir Bobby Robson
02/09/99 - 30/08/04 P255 W119 47%

Sir Bobby is a world football legend and his time in charge of Newcastle was a joy. He is the first manager on the list who did not manage outside of the top flight. He is also highest on the list of those who gave us Champions League football and it is in those games that my favourite memories lie. The game needs more Sir Bobby's.

4. Graeme Souness
13/09/04 - 02/02/06 P87 W39 45%

Yes, really. Quite an impressive % win ratio but that doesn't tell the story. Freddie Shepherd appointed Souness to replace Sir Bobby and hoped he would bring some 'discipline' to a dressing room containing Kieron Dyer, Craig Bellamy and Co. He failed, in fact the worst indiscipline seen at St James' Park came under his tenure when Dyer and Lee Bowyer, team-mates, slugged it out with each other in a game against Aston Villa. Souness dismantled an exciting footballing team and didn't last too long in the job. The negative knock on effect from his reign can't be under estimated.

5. Glenn Roeder
02/02/06 - 06/05/07 P73 W33 45%

Glenn had the same win % at Newcastle as Souness but is placed below him because he managed less games. As it happens, Roeder replaced Souness and managed to drag a team on a downer back in the right direction and ended up gaining European football. He also led the side to a 4 v 1 over Sunderland at the Stadium of Copyright Infringement. Solid if unspectacular.

6. Alan Pardew
09/12/10 - Present P91 W35 38%

Just over two years into the job and Pardew already ranks at number three in this list in terms of games managed! Only two have made it past 100 games and therein lies one of Newcastle's biggest problems: inconsistency. Mike Ashley's gift of an eight-year contract to last season's LMA and Premier League manager of the year is obviously aiming to address this and in one respect it has worked - there have been no media rumblings of a potential sacking through Newcastle's recent poor run and this would never have been the case in the past.

7. Kenny Dalglish
14/01/97 - 27/08/98 P78 W30 38%

Go on, admit it - when Keegan left the first time you were delighted when the club brought in Kenny to replace him? I was. Kenny faced a difficult task in replacing Keegan after all he had done for the club and stylistically Kenny went the wrong way about it. I remember a game in the Champions League when we passed a corner so far backwards so quickly that it ended up with our keeper... "attack, attack, attack, attack, attack". Newcastle also became a benevolent fund for his friends and family - Ian Rush came in, his son Paul Dalglish, John Barnes (although to be fair to Barnes he was miles better than the previous two). It didn't work out so Freddie Shepherd thought he better get Ruud Gullit in ASAP.

8. Ruud Gullit
27/08/98 - 28/08/99 P52 W18 35%

Ruud helped to speed up the decline that Kenny implemented. His first trick was to tell the world that he didn't really rate Alan Shearer and by the end he was leaving him on the bench behind Paul Robinson (who?) Robert Lee was told he was finished too. His signings were mainly terrible, especially Marcelinho (though to be fair to Ruud most of Newcastle's managers have bought some shockers) and a home defeat to Sunderland saw him have his office door kicked in by an angry Duncan Ferguson. Bobby Robson arrived to replace Ruud and in his first home game at the helm Sheffield Wednesday were thrashed 8 v 0 - Shearer only got 5 of them!

9. Sam Allardyce
15/05/07 - 09/01/08 P24 W8 33%

In Sam's own eyes he is a footballing God. A man who should be managing England, Barcelona or Inter Milan. In reality he dished up the most turgid, ugly, horrible 'football' I have seen in my 26 years of going to the game. It isn't just the long balls, it's the disruption of the game - the players’ time wasting or lying on the ground for treatment at one-nil up. The % game. It was the period in which I least enjoyed going to watch Newcastle play. Absolutely vulgar. Despite this style and the fact that Allardyce had a worse win % than any Newcastle Premier League manager before him, his friends in the press were mystified as to why he lost his job.

10. Joe Kinnear
29/09/08 - 02/04/09 P20 W4 20%

I have my very own 'where were you when....' JFK moment. I was in Fenwick of Newcastle. My brother phoned me to tell me that he'd been appointed as manager and my initial response was to ask him how that was possible since I thought he'd died a couple of years earlier. His first press conference in which he aimed a tirade of four letter obscenities at the journalists and The Mirror's Simon Bird may have been amusing but it was a sign of the unprofessionalism that was to follow. Kinnear was an unmitigated disaster for the club and apparently a bit of a fantasist too - I wonder if he still has that unsigned long term contract in his drawer? Joe is the classic 'be careful what you wish for' if you're one of the few who would like Pardew out.

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