Tevez will soon arrive at Juve, but will he fit in?

Posted by Mina Rzouki

Excited, jubilant and boasting all the emotions of a child before his birthday, Fabio Paratici sat down on the sofa in the hotel's cafe to exclaim what a great day he had in early February. Unfortunately my dinner with Juventus' sporting director was a dull affair because it was spent mostly on his mobile and as such, I instantly questioned what happened during the day.

It was quickly revealed, behind a poker face, that his afternoon had been spent with "friends" from Manchester City.

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"There is nobody I want from there," I remember thinking. Rationally, I opined anyone City would want to sell would not be good enough and they would not be selling any prized assets.

"Don't you love Edin Dzeko?" Paratici enquired. Dzeko may be an attractive chap in an awkward kind of way, but not the player a fan would have coveted for Juventus at that time. "Not for Juve," was my response before I followed it up with "tell me it's not Tevez."

His perturbed and disturbed facial expression said it all. Considering Paratici's reaction, the meeting had to have been about Carlito Tevez. He, as it turns out, was the man Juventus management were coveting, having all but given up on primary target Luis Suarez. "He's a terrific player," came the simple reply.

A terrific player he is, but is Tevez the terrific character Paratici and Juve CEO Giuseppe "Beppe" Marotta are so eager to introduce to a harmonious dressing room?

When it comes to footballing talents, Tevez belongs to an elite group of technical players who can change the course of the game with one magical move. Physically strong while possessing the ability to hypnotise onlookers with his dribbling abilities, few understand the role of an attacker in the same way as "El Apache."

His versatility and willingness to secure goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates as well as score himself has seen him play under the tutelage of some of the best coaches in the world.

However, as with every genius, there is a hint of madness. Tevez is not the easiest man to have in the dressing room and his attitude on the pitch can, at times, sabotage the atmosphere and the stability of a group.

His falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson and continued war of words even after his departure from Manchester United looked troubling. Nevertheless, it seemed the player had settled in the blue half of Manchester -- that is until Roberto Mancini exploded with anger at Tevez's attitude.

Citing his broken relationship with the club's executives as the reason why he wanted to leave City, few understood why such a relationship would impact a football player whose job it was to train and perform on the pitch on match days.

Seemingly always homesick, and coupled with the fact Ferguson revealed the player had told him he was only going to play for four more years during his time with United, one had to question the player's commitment to the job.

Yet despite the many reasons one may have to turn away from the player, his undoubted talent still makes him an object of desire, especially for a side such as Juventus.

Antonio Conte is counting on the fact that this is Tevez's last chance to atone for his sins in football and to make the most of the opportunity at a big club, where he is considered the man for whom the others play for in the team.

On a purely sporting level, Tevez is the ideal fit. With the club desperately seeking a forward who is versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any formation, Tevez's creative skills and finishing power make him the perfect partner for Fernando Llorente. Clever in the box, with two brilliant feet, Conte is likely to play either a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 with Tevez. If it is the latter, Juve will hope to obtain their other transfer targets, in order to play Tevez alongside the likes of Stevan Jovetic and behind Llorente in a side that would delight with their offensive displays.

If Conte were to persist with the 3-5-2 shape, then Tevez would act as the creator, a step behind Llorente.

Talent and madness aside, this is still a player loved by his own people and fans worldwide. More than Gonzalo Higuain, he brings with him commercial opportunities and international appeal. A famous name who boasts a specific charm, his skill on the ball and appeal off it will guarantee shirt sales, a boost in viewership and a little more interest in Italy's best team.

Perhaps this really is a terrific deal, especially when you consider the price to be paid.

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