The Marchisio conundrum, Higuain and future prospects

Posted by Mina Rzouki

Valerio Pennicino/Getty ImagesClaudio Marchisio: Will he remain Juve's talisman?

Busy scouting the future stars of tomorrow, a world-class forward and a defensive stalwart, Juventus are hard at work with regards to the transfer market. Sadly, the issue surrounding what appears to be the unhappiness of Claudio Marchisio won't dissipate.

Regarded as the future captain of the Bianconeri, Director Beppe Marotta has made it clear that barring a stratospheric offer, the Old Lady has absolutely no intention of selling their fine example of home grown talent. As such, people are now accusing the player of stirring the pot in hopes of obtaining more money – an accusation the midfielder vehemently denies.

So what is the issue? For Marchisio, many assume it’s a question of gratitude. This is a player who has captured the attention of several high-profile clubs and yet is perhaps the forgotten player at home. Whilst fans, newspapers and club directors alike discussed the beauty of Andrea Pirlo’s play, the tenacity of Arturo Vidal and the emergence of Paul Pogba, no one has spared a thought for the Principino. According to tabloid fodder, he’s the only man to sacrifice if the club need to raise funds.

As a character, Marchisio is not one to care about such trivial matters. He is secure in the knowledge he forms an important part of a winning team under Antonio Conte. However, according to whispers, the recent sensation of ingratitude is one being felt by the player’s wife – a woman with allegedly more ambition than even the midfielder himself. Unhappy at the manner her husband is being looked over, it is apparently she who is demanding more respect for the player.

Whether such whispers are true is another matter. Although considering the impact of women on footballers of this generation – it is not an absurd theory. What Marchisio must know and be told is that he is invaluable for the squad, for the history of the side and for the future of the club. He must be shown loyalty but he in return, should also demonstrate his fidelity to the project.

The man Marchisio was supposedly making way for was none other than Gonzalo Higuain. Whilst English media continue to insist the forward is closer than ever to Arsenal, Christian Bosco, the FIFA agent, insists that the Real Madrid’s striker’s heart beats only for Juventus. “Higuain chose Juventus, he wants this shirt and he is waiting for the club directors to make their move.”

One is inclined to believe Bosco considering the statements of the striker this past month. Asked how he would feel with partnering Fernando Llorente upfront for the Italian giants, the Argentinian was clear: “It would be wonderful”.

Considering Juve’s ambitions, the great work of Antonio Conte and the opportunity to play with some of the best players in the world, Higuain feels in Turin, he will be loved and will be given the opportunity to act as the key ingredient for future wins.

Whilst present needs must be met, whether that be obtaining Higuain, Carlos Tevez or Luis Suarez, the future is also on the Old Lady’s mind as the club prepares to put together the squad of the future. This is where Sassuolo youngster and outstanding player of Serie B this past season, Domenico Berardi, comes to mind. According to the newly promoted club, the Bianconeri are the closest to the player right now, especially as they are willing to sign him and send him straight back on loan to Sassuolo.

A fine dribbler blessed with power and a mean shot, the Sassuolo forward can both score and assist to continue mesmerising his many admirers. A man who not so long ago gave up on football, his story with the sport is certainly one that helps the pessimist within us all believe in fairy tales.

Having given up on his dream to be a footballer at the age of 13, he went to visit his brother at university when three years later and impressed onlookers with his skills in a friendly game of football. His affinity with the ball and skilled movements helped secure a trial with Sassuolo – a club that quickly saw the potential within.

Promoted to the first team, Berardi has proved invaluable for the side that both won the Serie B title as well as secured their first ever promotion to top-flight football. A man perfect for Eusebio Di Francesco’s romantic attacking side, the youngster played on the left of a three man forward line. His work rate, sensational ability to overcome markers and sheer ability on the ball makes him a fine target for the Bianconeri.

The present is always the priority but it is the future that excites the Old Lady.

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