Gonzalo Higuain or Carlos Tevez?

Posted by Mina Rzouki

Getty ImagesGonzalo Higuain, left, looked certain to join Juventus, however rumors have recently surfaced that Carlos Tevez may be on his way to Turin instead.

With several high profile names being linked to Juventus, one wonders whether any of those names will indeed arrive, or whether this summer will also end in further transfer market frustration.

Angelo Ogbonna, Luis Suarez, Alessandro Diamanti and Stevan Jovetic have all been linked to the Bianconeri. However, the latest rumours surround two players: Gonzalo Higuain and Carlos Tevez -- will only one arrive and if so, who is better?

- Llorente: Juve are like Barca and Real

Real Madrid and Juventus has always shared a special relationship. When it came to Higuain, the deal looked nearly complete. Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici were visiting Madrid regularly, dining with Madrid’s management while several more future meetings have already been set up.

The special relationship enjoyed between the two sides has somewhat eased negotiations with neither club looking to play hardball. While Florentino Perez continues to deny Juventus' attempts to lure Higuain away, both teams secretly know the truth and that negotiations are indeed ongoing.

The player himself has made it abundantly clear how much he would like to play for a side that would value his efforts. Forced to share the limelight with Real Madrid's world-class attackers, there is nothing the forward would love more than to play for a team who would value his contributions and make him the star upfront.

Alongside Fernando Llorente, Higuain would be the perfect addition. The Argentine loves nothing more than to play off another, and with Juventus reliant on runners from midfield, Antonio Conte's particular brand of play would suit the Real Madrid forward who has further developed his game and grown more versatile as an attacking force.

However, with rumoured interest from Arsenal, the pressure is now on. Real Madrid were happy to let Juventus take their time with negotiations, aware of the fact that while Higuain is especially admired by Fabio Paratici, Conte has other priorities. The Italians want to ensure that all roads to Suarez are indeed blocked before securing any other deal and Madrid had shown great patience in awaiting an outcome.

Furthermore, it seemed Madrid begrudgingly accepted the fact the Italian giants are looking to pay Higuain's cost in instalments. The only issue was the price. Juventus are willing to offer 22m euros to be paid over four years while Los Blancos were hoping for a figure closer to 30m euros. Now that Arsenal are rumoured to be heavily interested in the forward, willing to pay both the club and player more money, Juventus must decide on their next step.

Having already organised another meeting with Real Madrid officials, Juventus fans are interested to see whether Higuain will indeed arrive. Especially now that Carlos Tevez has emerged as another favourite to arrive at Turin.

The Manchester City forward combines both versatility and technical skill that intrigues Conte. With Tevez's contract running out in 2014, he indeed represents an interesting opportunity.

Bookmakers are apparently no longer willing to take bets on Tevez arriving at Juve as they are so sure a deal has already been done, but is this the right move for the Old Lady?

Tevez, who was so close to joining Milan just over a year ago, is without a doubt a world-class talent. His quick change of pace, low centre of gravity and lethal right foot allows him to alter games with his individual ability. A strong and powerful forward renowned for both his vision and capability in front of goal, Tevez can offer Juventus the perfect opportunity to complete the solid spine of the squad.

Unfortunately, his character has scared off his many admirers. His fractious relationships with managers coupled with his nonchalant attitude have impacted his growth as a player. Is he really the right man to add to a dressing room revered for its perfect harmony and balanced desires?

Moreover, the player has never shown a desire to join Juventus in the same way Higuain has in recent days. In fact, it appears he would prefer a move to the French League.

While it's alleged the Old Lady can secure his services for 8-10m euros, both his character and age suggest Higuain may be a better fit. When it comes to talent, few possess Tevez's skill, but is that enough for a Juve side desperate to seek the ultimate reward for their harmonious style of play?

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