Juventus season review

Posted by Mina Rzouki

GettyImagesJuve's Arturo Vidal would be the perfect additon to the Chelsea team

It may not have been a record-breaking season but Juventus once again confirmed themselves as the strongest side in Serie A. Finishing the season nine points clear of Napoli in second placed, the Old Lady not only conquered Italy but proved that she is well on her way to establishing a legacy under coach Antonio Conte.

With the football over and only transfer market drama to discuss, it's time to assess the season.

Player of the season:
There can only be one winner - Arturo Vidal. The beast of a midfielder not only ran relentlessly throughout his time in black and white but he personifies the Juventus philosophy. One who always plays until the final whistle, his ability to combine combative play with precise technique deserves worldwide recognition.

Producing the third highest number of tackles in Serie A, the Chilean is Juventus' top scorer and their best assist man. Aggressive, dedicated and built to succeed - no one has carried out the instructions of the coach or given as much to the team as the midfield maestro Vidal.

Surprise player of the season:
It has to be the French wizard Paul Pogba. When Conte went to visit him to help persuade him to make the switch to Juventus, he explained that whilst he would be given a chance, he had to earn his right to play.

A self-confessed love of challenges saw the midfielder rise to the occasion, grabbing all the opportunities afforded to him to exhibit his various talents. Whether it is his accurate crosses, his exciting dribbles or his Cruyff-like turns, Pogba impressed. His sensational shots from distance, such as the ones against Udinese, also secured important wins for the side.

Boasting physical presence and awesome technique, Conte altered the formation towards the end of the season to take advantage of the wunderkind’s many skills.

Most disappointing player of the season:
Considering his potential and the superb performances he managed for his old club, Udinese, Mauricio Isla proved to be Juve's most disappointing player this year.

The length of time taken to recover from the bad injury suffered last season seemingly took its toll on the player, if not physically then mentally. Given an opportunity to exhibit his talent against Milan in the San Siro, the Chilean put in a forgettable performance. His poor crossing and poor timing infuriated onlookers whilst his positioning angered Angelo Alessio who saw fit to replace him.

Since then it has seemed that Conte sees him as nothing more than a squad player. Only time will tell if he will be given another opportunity to prove his worth.

The defining moment of the season:
The loss to Inter ended Juve's undefeated run in the league and in many ways, brought the Bianconeri back to life.

Prior to the home defeat to her archrivals, the Old Lady was seemingly coasting along, picking up points despite some poor performances and a clear lack of determination in her play. These lukewarm displays ensured she only picked up a few draws in Europe too and almost needed the shock of a home defeat to restore grinta and the fighting spirit to the side.

That loss, whilst detrimental to the soul, saw the team turn a corner. Cranking up the effort, they put in magnificent displays thereafter to ensure wins in style.

Highlight of the season:
The incredible 3-0 win against Chelsea at home came just over a fortnight after Juventus lost to Inter and proved just how capable the Bianconeri were as a team when they played as a unit and with determination.

The mobility of the forward duo combined with the midfield's ability to make timely runs into the box overwhelmed Chelsea and their back-line that was consistently dragged out of position. Juve's ability to score three and concede none put them into the driving seat and helped seal their qualification to the next round. More importantly, it made them believe they were able to win against anyone.

Disappointment of the season
Win against anyone? Not quite. The pain suffered in the loss to Bayern Munich was especially hard to handle. Not only because they were so outplayed but because fans viewed their seemingly invincible heroes as nothing more than mere mortals who looked inferior in the presence to such breath-taking talent.

Mistakes were made both with the tactics and by the players, but if anything, defeat helps a side identify what needs to be improved to achieve future success.

Overall score: 9/10
A brilliant season saw the side secure the league trophy and accrue more domestic wins than last year - establishing their dominance within the peninsula.

Impressing in Europe, the fact they knocked the former Champions of Europe out of the competition and reached the final eight demonstrates a steady development for the team that continues to excite under Conte.

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