'San Siro curse' continues as Inter lose to Siena

Posted by Mike Whittaker

GettyImages / Claudio Villa/Getty ImagesDespite the result, there was a lot to like about Inter's performance.

I'm completely lost for words as once again Inter have failed to win on their home turf of the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. The score line of Inter 0-2 Siena really does give a false impression of how this game went, it would even be fair to say that Siena really didn’t deserve this win as they were outplayed by Inter for the entire 90 minutes.

I can't stress enough how happy I was with Inter's performance in this match, despite the result. The defence was fairly solid, even though it was missing Javier Zanetti in the right back position. I have a lot of respect for Stramaccioni bringing Zanetti to the bench for this match as Inter's previous coaches have always seemed too worried about the fans reaction if they left our talismanic captain out of the starting line-up. Stramaccioni on the other hand is in a unique position for an Inter coach, as he has been given the absolute trust of the club and the fans to implement our new project and as such, he has to be the man to phase out our 39 year old captain and make us fans realise that his playing career is nearly over.

I'm sure some people will argue that Zanetti's leadership skills not being on the pitch was one of the reasons for the loss but I don't agree, he was seen spurring his team-mates on from the sidelines and I really don't think they would've played any better with him beside them on the pitch.

Once again Andrea Ranocchia and Juan Jesus formed a fantastic partnership in the central defensive positions and for the most part held firm against the few Siena attacks that came their way. I wouldn't even say they were to blame for the two Siena goals, as both came out of nothing and caught Inter and everyone watching by surprise. With Alvaro Pereira in the leftback position and Yuto Nagatomo on the right, this is the defensive line that should be our first choice from now on and in my opinion, with more games under their belts playing together they will form a solid defensive wall for Inter.

As I keep emphasizing, Inter were by far the strongest side in this game and for long periods of time the Siena players didn't even manage to touch the ball. While the score line makes you think Siena were the dominant side, the match stats tell a completely different story; Inter controlled the entire game with 60% of the possession, a feat that was helped in part by their 85% pass completion rate. Even when attacking the goal Inter were by far the better team testing the Siena keeper with 11 out of their 18 shots compared to Siena's less than impressive 6 chances on the Inter goal, of which they only managed half on target.

These stats not only confirm the strength of Inter's defence and squad as a whole but it also highlights their weakness and in turn the reason that, I believe, the Nerazzurri are struggling so much to win these home games. We are seriously lacking a prolific goalscorer with the pace and flair to take advantage of all the chances created by players like Wesley Sneijder and Antonio Cassano.

A prime example of what I mean was when Sneijder made an excellent break past the Siena defenders in the first half, he took the ball all the way into the box where he realised he couldn't get a shot in, so he squared the ball across the goal to where Diego Milito was rushing in and had the Argentinian reached the ball in time it would've been a guaranteed goal into an open net but he wasn't quick enough and the ball was promptly cleared by the Siena defender who beat him to it.

I'm not knocking Milito as he is a fantastic poacher but that’s the problem, he's a poacher not a striker that can beat the offside trap and outrun the opposition defenders to the balls that Sneijder can send behind the defensive lines. Hopefully Inter will address this situation in the January transfer window but until then I don't know what the answer to this problem is.

On a positive note though, Sneijder once again proved his worth to the team providing many chances with his excellent creative vision and the majority of the shots on target were due to our superstar trequartista's eye for goal at a distance.

Interista and the team shouldn't be too downhearted by this defeat, there were many more positives than negatives and our line-up was almost perfect today, the big question is can Stramaccioni find a solution to our lack of pace up front before Massimo Moratti and the Curva Nord Ultras start to lose patience with him and Inter's dire home form.

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