Mexico is experiencing a breaking point

Posted by Rafael Ramos Villagrana

FORTALEZA, Brazil -- German humorist Jean Paul claims that "the most indestructible of miracles is human faith in them."

But not even miracles may fix breaking points. And Mexico is experiencing a breaking point. Even in terms of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which is played almost immediately after the Confederations Cup, and for which they've suffered the first blow, with Omar Bravo bowing out due to personal reasons.

Let's rule out a miracle against Brazil, because, let's be honest, no human faith is invested toward the hope that Mexico will obtain another one.

It's possible that eventually, through a combination of circumstances - all of them bitter - El Tri will have a sweet moment against Brazil.

I am not rashly speaking of a victory. I simply speak of a respectable, dignifying, conciliatory performance, as Mexico has lately boasted against Brazil.

The most recent and powerful of these occasions is the Olympic final, in which the Mexicans snatched gold from the Amazonian team, favored worldwide.

Barring the miraculous possibility of a miracle, there are questions that await answers.

1. Would a good performance by Mexico against Brazil, without a victory, be enough to reconsider a re-evaluation, which at the moment is unfortunate, for Mexico coach Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre?

2. Would a good performance with a win over Brazil give new value to the distressing situation in CONCACAF's final Hexagonal round and, of course, to the team's level of play?

3. Does the persistence of "'Chepo' out" chants compel, push, support the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to make a drastic decision at the end of this pathetic journey of World Cup qualifying and the Confederations Cup, or even after the Gold Cup?

4. Where is the destructive, false line between healthy continuity and the unhealthy preservation of the status quo?

5. What is better: to support a project until its final consequences or to look for a firefighter, a rescuer who commits to winning at least nine of the 12 possible points in the final Hexagonal round? Mexico must still visit the United States and Costa Rica, and host Panama and Honduras.

6. Are there redeemers who are capable, brave, willing to die crucified? The obvious names come to mind: Luis Fernando Tena, Miguel Herrera, Tomas Boy, Victor Manuel Vucetich, and probably Marcelo Bielsa, since the symbolic firefighter, the epitome of rescuers, Javier Aguirre, has renewed his contract with Espanyol, although it must be noted that he bolstered his bank account yet debilitated the team in the process of negotiating his salary.

7. The horrifying scene is ready. As has become habit, the same men to whom FMF president Justino Compean has promised extreme support - even staking his life - he ends up dumping at the Mexico City airport, in a supreme act of treachery. He did this with Hugo Sanchez, with Aguirre … will he do the same with de la Torre?

I insist that Mexico is experiencing a breaking point. Beyond what happens against Brazil and Japan. Because the real danger is to end up not qualifying to the 2014 World Cup.

Warning: The Gold Cup is nigh. De la Torre has said that nobody on his coaching staff would take his place as the head of El Tri if he were fired. That remains to be seen.

Will Chepo see the Gold Cup as a new opportunity?

To paraphrase Arthur Miller: "The mere idea that miracles can happen, however, persists in many people's minds. When that dies it makes people more unfortunate."

Breaking points are the children of misfortune. And they are the solacing sadomasochism of the unfortunate.

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