Will Vela answer the call this time?

Posted by Rafael Ramos Villagrana

Carlos Vela has turned a fallen tree into fuel. He gave the coup de grace to Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre. Following Real Sociedad’s 2-0 loss against Shakhtar in Champions League play Tuesday, Vela said during the postgame news conference that these are different times (different coaches?) and maintains that his intention is to play with the Mexican team, particularly now in this moment of crisis, which could end in the team being left out of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Vela might not be a master of communication, but his tone made it clear that the designation of the new coach, Victor Manuel Vucetich, changed his perspective.

This can be understood in both ways, so as not to demonize the person who left, since he has been demonized by his own results, or glorify he who rejects the privilege any player would welcome -- that of playing for the national team.

1. If Vela accepts Vucetich's invitation to face Panama or Costa Rica, which would be consistent with his statements, it would clearly solidify his position on the national team.

This is normal for anyone attempting to find an ideal climate in which to integrate oneself, especially in a tense, demanding and difficult situation such as this one.

It seems that, as Vela insinuates, the climate is favorable and that he has rediscovered his fascination for the national team by way of a legitimate decision. That is to say, he who offers his services should feel comfortable in his surroundings.

2. However, when Vela refused to accept the call to the Mexican national team, if it ends up being confirmed, he did so because of a rift with the coaching staff, thus making it clear that his feelings take priority over the urgent needs of the team.

While Vela decided to give precedence to his deeper feelings, his repudiation, his rejection of El Tri sent a strong message that he prefers to put his whims ahead of his presumed obligations.

Nevertheless, Vela is not the savior of El Tri. But let's be clear, not even Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo have been saviors for their respective national teams, so it can't be expected of a player who operates at a lower level.

We must then review how a compromise may be reached. Vela had rejected the Mexican national team because of these personal conflicts that would affect his satisfaction in playing with it. And he would be perfectly in the right. Seen from this perspective, Vela is convinced that his reasons were more important than the reasons for which he was called to represent his country. But he's wrong.

Within this polarized situation, these disputed positions and antagonistic postures, one's perspective can change drastically by attending Vucetich’s calling on Oct. 7.

But let us not look at this with blinders. There is a feeling of antagonism from both sides in the air. It is curious that in the event that he answers the call to play for the Mexican national team, the return of Vela to directly participating in the Champions League would be Oct. 23, playing against Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez's Manchester United.


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