Hamilton U-turn

Posted by Phil Mison

Supporters heading for the derbies with Chelsea and Arsenal this week should reserve a special cheer for Fulham matchday host David Hamilton.

Press Association via AP ImagesDavid Hamilton will return as Fulham's matchday host at the behest of club chairman Mohammed al Fayed.

Following our revelations last week of Diddy’s intention to retire at the end of the season, a theme picked up by the rest of the media, the popular entertainer and former Radio One DJ has been made an offer he can't refuse.

Here’s the story. David has contacted me directly, but no doubt he or the club will frame an appropriate press release in due course.

David tells me, before the QPR game on April 1, he was summoned to the chairman’s personal box and told in no uncertain terms he had to carry on. "As long as I am here as Chairman of the club, then so are you,” David was informed.

Needless to say, when a force of nature such as Mr. al Fayed demands, then for the sake of the club, you fall into line, David told me with a rueful smile.

Though coming up to 74 next birthday, Diddy is still as fit as a flea -- and still has a few years on the Chairman. In truth, I think he’s undeniably flattered to be held in such high esteem, and thank heavens common sense has prevailed.

Some of the suggestions put forward for stewardship of the matchday mike post David were scary enough to stop me going. I mean, Keith Allen anyone? You cannot be serious!

Here’s to the 'voice of Fulham Football club' and another 10 years at least. Bravo Diddy!


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