Time for Jol era to end

Posted by Phil Mison

Alex Livesey/Getty ImagesMartin Jol's reign as Fulham manager is over.

You cannot defend the indefensible. Is it possible for this Fulham side to sink any lower? We have just witnessed the most gutless display from the Whites in their Premiership history and there can be only one course of action for the board now in the coming days.

Therein lies the problem.

After this latest capitulation, with three quick fire goals again killing Fulham off before half-time for the second week running, the fundamental issue is not on the pitch but in the boardroom.

- Report: Liverpool 4-0 Fulham

Owner Shad Khan could not have envisaged his new project unravelling so quickly. That it has, means he must grasp the nettle and start making executive decisions. There is a power vacuum at the top of the club hierarchy. As a consequence, the Cottagers have become a rudderless ship.

Martin Jol manipulates the situation to cling to his job while the whole of football see him as a spent force. The oft repeated quotes, as Fulham stagger from defeat to defeat, that "we will be fine" are spoken as much for the owner's ears as the fans.

Here in London chief executive Alistair Mackintosh is the man who personally jetted to Amsterdam convinced our Dutch coach was the man to take Fulham forward. A side that, despite the connotations of his departure, Mark Hughes left in decent shape.

So the CEO has nailed his colours to Jol's floundering craft. None of Mohamed Al-Fayed's old crew of advisors are around any longer. Jol thinks he's bulletproof with the backing of Mackintosh and Khan out of the picture.

Our new owner sits in Florida, knowing nothing of English football by his own admission, and dealing with the far bigger meltdown of a franchise that is 0-8 in the NFL. To date he's cautiously suggested he might become more proactive in the January window.

Well, I'm sorry Shad, but the Premiership campaign is not going to sit back and wait for you. Your special advisor bridging the Atlantic needs to deliver a report in the strongest possible terms that Fulham Football club, your 200 million pound investment last August, is sinking like a stone.

I was moved to tweet at half-time today how I now feel ashamed of this team.

During a second half where Liverpool decided to sit back and treat us as a training exercise, I felt sullied by the spectacle. I hold no truck with bear baiting, cock fighting or mocking the afflicted. What we witnessed at Anfield today was no longer a contest. I really do not wish to be a spectator to a bound and blindfolded team being flayed alive.

The display today from this Fulham side has caused me to break with my modus operandi since 2010 by blogging on the final whistle -- such is the depth of my despair. There is no need to wait for Sunday's papers to read the universal criticism that even as I type is raging across all media in the UK.

The appalling statistics from this 0-4 loss, Mr Khan, where we forced not one save from the home keeper, tell their own story. You cannot have built a billion dollar fortune without firing those along the way who failed to deliver. It is time Mr. Chairman to do the right thing.

Act NOW and there is time to save our season. Delay and watch your investment halve in value by May 2014.



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