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Posted by John Culea

With Segment 2 just hours away from starting, there have been trends in the likes and dislikes fantasy managers have for players. Some players who were on the "must-have" list in recent years are now only held by a small percentage of managers. On the other hand, some players have become hugely popular as the following list shows:

Increased ownership (percentage owned, percentage increase, fantasy value and points)

Michu, Swansea City midfielder, 76%, +37%, 7.8, 143 points

Sebastien Bassong, Norwich City defender, 38%, +34%, 5.8, 87 points

Juan Mata, Chelsea midfielder, 48%, +32%, 8.4, 116 points

Admir Begovic, Stoke City goalkeeper, 37%, +30%, 6.2, 96 points

Theo Walcott, Arsenal midfielder, 36%, +29%, 7.6, 101 points

Gerhard Tremmel, Swansea City goalkeeper, 29%, +28%, 4.0, 44 points

Luke Shaw, Southampton defender, 25%, +25%, 4.2, 36 points

Decreased ownership (percentage owned, percentage decrease, fantasy value and points)

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City forward, 3%, -24%, 7.8, 91 points

Eden Hazard, Chelsea midfielder, 13%, -21%, 8, 104 points

Tim Howard, Everton goalkeeper, 6%, -18%, 6.1, 71 points

Wayne Rooney, Manchester United forward, 2 ½%, -14%, 8.4, 77 points

Fernando Torres, Chelsea forward, 3%, -12%, 7.9, 87 points

Sergio Aguero, Manchester City forward, 5%, -7%, 7.5, 80 points


Injuries to Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero explain to some degree their drop in popularity. For others, like Eden Hazard, while their point totals are fairly high, their form has dipped significantly in recent weeks. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Carlos Tevez. Owned by only 3% of managers, he has now been snubbed by nearly a fourth of those in the game. Of course, Tevez has Roberto "The Scarf" Mancini as his manager, the most unpredictable when it comes to who plays and who sits.

One of the keys to success in fantasy football is having big point producers who are not on most other managers' rosters. The more players you own that are held by your competition, the less likely you are to gain an advantage. With that said, getting off to a good start in the first week of Segment 2 cannot be understated.

Good luck and have fun as we start a new adventure on Saturday.

Yours faithfully,

Sir John

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