Shooters and Scorers

Posted by John Culea

John Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty ImagesSwansea's Michu has proven his fantasy value this season

Picking the right fantasy players involves research, knowledge, timing and luck. Statistics for the Premier League are voluminous; however, one good indication that a player is an important part of the attack is to look at the number of shots they take in games. Along with that, a key is the number of shots on goal.

After a player has had a big game, before you make a transfer decision, be sure and look at the entire picture. One example is West Ham midfielder Mark Noble. After he scored two goals on October 20, many fantasy managers may have rushed him to their team.

But a closer look would have shown that up to that point, Nobel had taken just two shots in seven full matches. Since then he has launched a total of six shots with just the two on target. The point is that fantasy football success requires players whose role is to always be involved in action around the opponent’s net.

Here are the top five scoring defenders, midfielders and forwards and their involvement in their team’s attack (key: S-shots; SG-shots on goal; G-goals, FP-fantasy points; FS-fantasy salary):

Ivanovic - Chelsea943787.6
Bassong –Norwich City732656.6
Ashley Cole – Chelsea911648.0
Baines – Everton1432637.3
Evra – Man Utd.852637.1
Michu – Swansea4015101097.2
Fellaini – Everton48168936.9
Mata – Chelsea30115879.1
Hazard – Chelsea29102849.8
Cazorla – Arsenal51174738.5
Van Persie – Man Utd.4120108710.2
Suarez –Man City772110869.1
Defoe – Tottenham61239817.5
Tevez – Man City40176788.4
Ba – Newcastle592310788.0
Torres – Chelsea28154608.2
Rooney – Man Utd.38144589.1
Dzeko – Man City28136507.4
Aguero – Man City31125499.2
Chicharito – Man Utd.1775367.2
Carroll – LP/West Ham2551337.2
Suarez is Liverpool’s offense, Cazorla and Fellaini are shot machines, Bassong, Fellaini, Michu and Defoe are the best bargains, Chicharito and Evra are the most economical with shots, shots on goal and goals while Carroll shows why he is so frustrating to West Ham supporters and before that the Liverpool faithful. Pony Tail has taken 25 shots with 5 on target and one goal and no assists. Pathetic.

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