Best and Worst Fantasy XI

Posted by John Culea

After two weeks of Premier League play (Chelsea has had three matches), who are the best and worst fantasy XI? The list below is for a 3-5-2 formation:

Best (points and salary in millions)
Cech, Chelsea (3 games), 16, 7.5

Ivanovic, Chelsea (3 games) 30, 7.4
Rangel, Swansea City, 18, 5.5
Assou-Ekotto, Tottenham, 13, 6.7

Hazard, Chelsea (3 games), 29, 8.7
Michu, Swansea City, 29, 5.8
Dyer, Swansea City, 23, 5.8
Duff, Fulham, 22, 5.9
Fellaini, Everton, 19, 5.8

Petric, Fulham, 17, 6.5
Torres, Chelsea (3 games), 16, 8.2

Worst (points and salary in millions)
Note: Players listed are those who played the closest to 90 minutes in each game

Green, QPR, 3, 5.5

(Special note: Hart, Manchester City, 4 (with one save), 8.0.
The pre-game television coverage of the Liverpool-Manchester City included shots in the tunnel of players preparing to take the pitch. While Sir John applauds good sportsmanship, the hugging, back slapping, and endless handshakes between Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard and other players made one wonder about the mind-set of players. Sir John likes to see players with “game faces” on.)

Vidic, Manchester United, 2, 7.8
Fabio, QPR, 3, 4.9
Anton Ferdinand, QPR, 3, 4.9

Silva, Manchester City, 1, 8.8
Ramires, Chelsea (2 games), 2, 6.5
Van der Vaart, Tottenham, 4, 7.4
Bale, Tottenham, 6, 9.1
Valencia, Manchester United, 6, 8.5

Rooney, Manchester United, 4, 9.1
Balotelli, Manchester City, 4, 7.8

Sir John came down considerably from his opening week of 104 points and had just 57 for Week 2. Points from Tevez and Yaya Toure made up for a dismal Saturday. Captain Cazorla did his best for Arsenal but right now the Gooners look to be the Aston Villa (17 draws) of 2012-2013 with two scoreless draws to open the season. Clean sheets at Chelsea, Swansea City and the goal from Kagawa rescued Sir John from fantasy disaster.

Tomorrow, Sir John looks at the adjustment in budget values and the dilemma for managers holding or considering Chelsea players.

Until then I remain,
Yours faithfully,
Sir John

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