Fantasy Holding and Folding

Posted by John Culea

Singer Kenny Rogers made famous the line, "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."

The same is true for fantasy football players as the holding and folding comes at various times in the season. A player can start off hot and then go cold. Another player can suddenly be productive and just as quickly go into hibernation.

Player salaries are evaluated after each Gameweek and depending on productivity or injuries, there can be a maximum change in salary of .03 million per week.

Here are two starting lineups with leading players whose salaries have gone up .03 million and down by the same amount (name, club, points, rank, salary):

300,000 Salary Increases
Jaaskelainien, West Ham, 28, #2, 6.1

Baines, Everton, 33, #4, 7.6
Buttner, Manchester United, 16, #28, 6.3
Lowton, Aston Villa, 22, #14, 5.6

Bale, Tottenham, 20, #21, 9.0
Walcott, Arsenal, 13, #57, 8.1
Arteta, Arsenal, 20 #21, 7.7
Cabaye, Newcastle, 18, #30, 7.4
Lennon, Tottenham, 18, #30, 7.4

Ba, Newcastle, 29, #4, 7.8
Hernandez, Manchester United, 9, #40, 7.5

Comments: Walcott is still fooling the custodians of the game and the media while teasing fantasy managers. Chicharito's playing time will decrease even more with Rooney approaching full fitness. On the other hand, Buttner's playing time should increase due to Vidic's injury.

300,000 Salary Decreases
Howard, Everton, 22, #7, 5.9

Bertrand, Chelsea, 12, #50, 5.4
Perch, Newcastle, 12, #58, 4.9
Evans, Manchester United, 4, #94, 6.5

Silva, Manchester City, 11, #71, 8.1
Dempsey, 4, #116, 7.9
Barry, Manchester City, 1, #146, 6.6
Downing, Liverpool, 5, #107, 5.9
Pablo, Swansea City, 2, #137, 5.9

Van Persie, Manchester United, 27, #5, 9.2
Dzeko, 22, #11, 7.2

Comments: It is puzzling why Howard’s value has dropped; he remains an excellent pickup, especially with his fine defensive line. Evans has always been overrated and Silva is a shadow of the player who burst upon the scene last year. Van Persie is a good pick at a lower price and Dzeko's playing time will drop with Aguero back. As for Downing, nobody in their right mind should have him on his or her fantasy team.

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