Suggested EPL Fantasy scoring changes

Posted by John Culea

John Peters/Man Utd/Getty ImagesHaving to carry a spare goalkeeper -- such as Manchester United's Anders Lindegaard -- means fantasy managers must divert resources they might prefer to use elsewhere.

We are less than two weeks from the expected launch of ESPN FC's 2013-2014 fantasy football competition. With that in mind, it is time to consider what worked last season, what did not and how the fantasy game could be improved.

Having played the fantasy game for many seasons, I have a few suggestions. Not all are likely to be implemented, however, I'm wondering what you think. The changes fall in two categories:

1. Player selection and the 15-man roster

In my opinion, there is no reason fantasy managers should be required to carry five defenders and two goalkeepers. It should be a minimum of one goalkeeper, three defenders, four midfielders and two forwards. The second goalkeeper almost never plays and only in rare instances would you ever play five defenders. My preference would be one GK, four defenders, seven midfielders and three forwards.

I also think two points should be given for a player making the starting XI and one if they play 60 minutes or more. As it is now, one point is given to start and fantasy managers are robbed of two points if a player is pulled before the 60-minute mark.

2. Scoring

I believe a clean sheet for goalkeepers should be worth much more than three points. At least four, but better, five for me. A defender should get four points for the shutout, not just three.

I think a player should be given two points for drawing a penalty kick that results in a penalty goal. I find the game page very easy to navigate and like all of the stats that are kept current on all players. What needs significant improvement is player info and the "Spin" section is often hopelessly outdated. That needs to be kept current.

One additional suggestion has to do with the Champions League fantasy game. I hope they get rid of the old format and use the same program we have for Premier League fantasy play.

Send me your ideas.

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