Worst Fantasy Team at any price

Ashley YoungPA PhotosAshley Young has been named the "biggest fantasy bust" this season.

In a previous piece, the final tally of Premier League player fantasy points allowed an opportunity to assemble the best scoring fantasy team within the 100-million salary limit.

Conversely, the following roster of 15 players represents dismal point production for high profile players at each position (and in some cases, high salaries) who appeared in at least 19 of the possible 38 games.

Player, team, salary, and fantasy points, and games played are listed along with GK clean sheets, and for defenders and forwards, goals and assists:



(Captain) Ben Foster (WBA) - 5.9, 125, 30 games, seven clean sheets

Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United) - 8.1, 79, 19 games, one goal, zero assists
Jose Bosingwa (QPR) - 4.9, 63, 23 games, zero goals, one assist
Barcary Sagna (Arsenal) - 7, 92, 25 games, zero goals and assists

Ashley Young (Manchester United) - 7.1, 60, 19 games, zero goals, three assists
Scott Parker (Tottenham) - 5.6, 58, 21 games, zero goals, one assist
Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) - 5.6, 71, 25 games, zero goals, three assists (only 12 shots!)
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal) - 5.4, 70, 25 games, one goal, three assists
Joe Allen (Liverpool) - 4.5, 72, 27 games, zero goals and assists

Carlton Cole (West Ham) - 4.6, 57, 27 games, two goals, one assist
Pavel Pogrebnyak (Reading) - 5.8, 90, 29 games, five goals, zero assists

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) - 5.6, 111, 27 games, nine clean sheets.
Sylvain Distin (Everton) - 6.5, 119, 35 games, zero goals, one assist
Michael Dawson (Tottenham) - 5.3, 82, 27 games, one goal, zero assists
Danny Graham (Sunderland) - 5.6, 87, 31 games, three goals, two assists

Salaries for 15 players: 87.5 million

Points for 15 players: 1236

Note: Players designated as captain receive double points.

Ben Foster had the highest number of fantasy points for this roster, so if we designated him as captain, the total points for the players would be 1361, which would put this team in the 72 percentile.

Of the players listed above, Sir John opines that because of his mind-boggling salary, Ashley Young remains the biggest fantasy bust in the PL, with Joe Allen and Jack Wilshere stinking up the pitch in second and third. And of course, you have other major fantasy disappointments in Gervinho, Lucas, and Samir Nasri.

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