Best Bargain Premier Fantasy Players

Three weeks of Premier League play (with all but Sunderland and Reading having had three games) have been enough to identify players who are giving excellent value for their salaries. The eleven players listed below are representative of good point production at rock bottom salaries. Their points total is 202 and none were included for double points as team captain. None of the players has a salary over 5.6 million and the total budget for eleven players is just 56.8 million. 202 points would place the team in the 97.3 percentile worldwide.

As a way of comparison, Sir John’s fantasy point total through three games is 226, which is in the 99.5 percentile.

The players, teams, points, salary, salary increase or decrease, and their opposition in Week 4:

Davis, Southampton: 18, 5.4, -0.1, Arsenal away

McAuley, WBA: 26, 5.2, -0.1, Fulham away
Reid, West Ham: 21: 5.0, -0.3, Norwich away
Ridgewell, WBA: 18, 4.9, unchanged, Fulham away

Routledge, Swansea: 26, 5.6, +0.3, Aston Villa away
Nolan, West Ham: 22, 5.2, -0.1, Norwich away
Maloney: Wigan: 17, 5.2, -0.3, Manchester United away
Taylor, West Ham: 17, 5.2, unchanged, Norwich away
Kacaniklic, Fulham: 14, 4.8, +0.1, WBA home

Vaz Te, West Ham: 13, 5.2, -0.1, Norwich
Jackson, Norwich: 10, 5.1, +0.3, West Ham

An interesting trend is that Swansea, WBA, and West Ham are all off to a good start in the table and seven of the eleven players above reflect their early success.

Contrasting the four positions above, here are the highest-priced players, with their teams, points, salary, salary increase or decrease and their opposition in Week 4:

Hart, Manchester City: 8, 7.7, -0.3, Stoke away
Terry, Chelsea: 8, 8.2, unchanged, QPR away
Hazard, Chelsea: 29, 9, +0.3, QPR away
Van Persie, Manchester United, 20, 9.2, +0.2, Wigan home

The above four players' combined points total is 65 and their salary total is 34.1 million.

Happy bargain hunting; however, use your transfers wisely.

Yours faithfully,
Sir John

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