America continues domination of Liga MX

Posted by Rafael Ramos Villagrana

Two superb goals. A mastery that cannot be denied. An abundance of commitment and spirit from its players. America continues to dominate the Liga MX, even with two games still to play.

They overwhelmed Jaguares in every area, and the 3-1 end score does not reflect their superiority on the field.

Sambueza's and Layún’s goals even added spectacle to the result against an opponent like Chiapas, who arrived demanding respect and attention and also brought an atmosphere of intrigue because of the verbal face-offs between the coaches.

Did the downpour on the Azteca Stadium make a difference? Undoubtedly. But let's not forget that those who are more used to this sort of inclement weather are the Chiapas players themselves.

- Andrea Canales: Liga MX Week 11 Roundup

In the end, the effects of the rain were felt by both teams, but it was clear that America was able to more astutely manage the situation in the handling of the ball on the field.

And it's important to remember that Jaguares is a hard-working team, made up of players with years of experience in Mexican soccer, who have a clear idea of what it means to face America and who are familiar with the challenges of the rain, so we should be careful not to take away from the Aguilas’ achievement.

First of all, Miguel Herrera should get credit for having been able to inoculate his players against the recurring epidemic of "Championitis."

The team is still as hungry as ever. He took over and seamlessly coped with the issues resulting from the change of setting.

It's easy on paper, but very complicated in practice, to the degree that only Hugo Sanchez with Pumas has managed to win a double championship in the era of the short tournaments.

America understood that in becoming champions, everything had changed, but it also understood that nothing had changed.

That is, everything had changed in terms of ending that unbearable run of not winning the title, but it was also understood that nothing had changed in regard to its responsibilities and commitments.

However, this does not mean that with this step the Aguilas have the double championship in the bag.

The trickiest examination and the pitfalls of the competition are yet to come, as are the playoffs themselves, and to qualify for them, by cold calculation and based on past history, they only need one more win to lock down a place among the eight chosen teams, as historically 25 points will ensure a place at the Big Party.

With that will come other calamities and curses, such as the one that affects teams who are far ahead of the rest, and even the coach’s unease at seeing how players become complacent when they know they have qualified so early.

However, up to now, Miguel Herrera has shown that he knows how to manage the cursed, pernicious baggage of title-holding teams. We'll see if this continues in the future.

For the moment, the nickname of Yellow Steamroller, which is seen as a problem by some and a source of anxiety for others, seems to fit America perfectly, and it awaits the payback which teams that play well, such as Leon and Morelia, aim to give them. Santos itself must confirm that its win was an undeniable achievement and not just an accident.


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