Chelsea supporters rally around Mourinho in light of media criticism

Posted by Mark Worrall

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho's forthright comments about the defensive tactics employed by his West Ham counterpart Sam Allardyce during Wednesday evening's unremarkable 0-0 draw between the Blues and the Hammers at Stamford Bridge have left sections of the media frothing at the mouth with rabid over-analysis of the words that subsequently tumbled from the Special One’s mouth.

Yet, the critics had no effect on the Blues support.

Yes! Jose is still very 'special' to Chelsea fans -- more so second time around -- and his passion for the football club, and those associated with it make for a bond of strength and unity between one-and-all that doesn't exist elsewhere in the Premier League ... and possibly elsewhere in the glorious game.

After 39 failed attempts to breach West Ham's defence, Mourinho had every right to feel exasperated -- just as those of a True Blue persuasion in the Stamford Bridge stands did. "The only thing I can bring more to win was a Black and Decker. A Black and Decker to destroy the {West Ham} wall," lamented the Chelsea boss. Fair point. Amusing as well. "They defended with their hearts -- I respect that and praise that." A quote that seemed to be missing from many accounts which were biased towards Mourinho being a 'pot that calls the kettle black.'

"West Ham need points, to come here and not play and do it the way they did, is it acceptable? Maybe yes. I cannot be too critical because if I was in this position, I don't know if I would do the same. This is football from the 19th century. This is not the Premier League. This is not the best league in the world." Ah yes -- that was the quote -- the one that spawned a flurry of accusations that Jose was a charlatan. The same Jose that took Chelsea to Old Trafford at the start of the season and set his team up without a recognised striker and came away with a point after a 0-0 draw with Manchester United. The same Jose that took Chelsea to the Emirates and came away with a point after a 0-0 draw with Arsenal. The same Jose that will take Chelsea to the Etihad on Monday and might come away with a point after a 0-0 draw with Manchester City.

Heaven forbid!

Why not trawl through the records and analyse every result of every team that Mourinho has managed ... and nit-pick? Why not mention the eleven 1-0 victories Chelsea mustered on their way to winning the PL in 2005? Yes, let's dig that up. Or how about Inter Milan's defensive master-class at the Camp Nou when playing with ten men for most of the game, and only losing 1-0 to Barcelona, they successfully shielded a 3-1 first-leg lead in the semi-final of the 2010 Champions League competition which they went on to win? Excellent! Get that one in. Now find the Mourinho quote about that game being, "the most beautiful defeat of my life." Perfect! Ha ha ha what a hypocrite Mourinho is for daring to pour scorn on West Ham United's backs-to-the-wall rearguard action that somehow managed to prevent Chelsea from scoring.

Frankly it’s ridiculous!

Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty ImagesJose Mourinho has come under-fire for his bashing of Sam Allardyce's tactics in Chelsea's 0-0 West Ham.

For the record, Jose Mourinho's complete managerial record reads as this: games 670, wins 453, draws 135, losses 85, goals for 1,372, Goals against 541. His goal difference is +831.

For the media to select a dozen-or-so games to chide Mourinho with cries of 'hypocrite' is -- yes, you've guessed it -- ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as the statements that Juan Mata would have been smiling at the West Ham result. That had Mourinho been able to call on the services of the now-departed Spaniard, somehow he would have unpicked the lock of the Hammers defence and won the game for Chelsea.

Almost as ridiculous as trotting out the playground spats with Mou's old adversary Arsene Wenger.

Why is it ridiculous? Why would Chelsea supporters defend Jose to the hilt against such hysterical diatribes?

Here are a decade’s worth of reasons: FC Porto: 2003 -- Portuguese League, Portuguese Cup, UEFA Cup, Portuguese Super Cup. 2004 -- Portuguese League, UEFA Champions League. Chelsea: 2005 English League, English League Cup. 2006 - English League. 2007 - English League Cup, FA Cup. Inter Milan: 2009 - Italian League. 2010 - Italian League, Italian Cup, UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid: 2011 - Spanish Cup. 2012 - Spanish League.

The future has yet to be written -- but only a fool would bet against the Special One adding more silverware to that list as he reigns again at Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho is a world-class manager. Second time around at Chelsea he inherited a discombobulated team who lacked a father-figure -- a protector -- someone to draw the media's sting -- to deflect the attention away from their (at present) goal-shy shortcomings. It's what sets Mourinho apart -- he is not just a coach (or a bus) he manages. He manages everything.

"Nowadays a coach has to be multi-faceted. He has to master a lot of areas. From planning to implementation, methodology and leadership."

How about quoting that? It's Jose Mourinho -- obviously not speaking after a passionate London derby and two dropped points. On Monday night, if Chelsea do park the bus at the Etihad -- so what? More spiteful invective from the haters? You bet!

"No one likes us, we don't care," is a chant associated with Millwall Football Club -- but the sentiment is also felt by the denizens of Stamford Bridge albeit for different reasons. Protective of their own, Chelsea supporters will not sit in silence in the face of ridiculous criticism of their manager, their players or their club. Instead they choose to stand up and chant the name of the man they hold dear to their hearts: "Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho."

Let the Special One's legend continue.


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