Bayern, deutscher Meister!

Posted by Susie Schaaf

After two years of crushing disappointments. Two long years of "what could have been". Two very long years of runners-up, second place, first losers. Two years of answering questions about faith, heart, pressure, mental toughness. Bayern Munich finally brought the Bundesliga title home in Mia san Meister-fashion, securing it for the 22nd time (23rd if you include to win before the league was official) with a 1-0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt, via a cheeky backheel by the heart and engine of Munich, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

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Fitting, really, if one thinks about it. His penalty against Real Madrid last season sealed what looked like a lock on a Champions League title in May. Tied 3-3 on penalties with Chelsea in the final, Bastian, who has been at Bayern since youth, stepped up. He hesitated, then took a stutter-step; kicking softly at the post. And then walked away with his shirt pulled over his head. We all know what happened next...

I cried for two days.

While Eintracht Frankfurt - namely Takashi Inui - did their best to deny Bayern the chance to seal the title on Saturday, as well as Borussia Dortmund, who came from behind to seal a victory over Augsburg, this was something inevitable. This was finally going to happen. I used my "at lasts" for beating Dortmund in the Pokal, but it's perhaps more apt here.

I could blather on about David Alaba's wasted penalty, or how Mario Gomez never really got good service, or the fact that Dante got away with a handball, or that Bayern Munich ran more Saturday (a furious 90 minutes, for sure).

But it all comes down to this: on 52 minutes, Arjen Robben released Philipp Lahm down the right. The Bayern captain crossed low in the six-yard box. Schweinsteiger scored at the near post with a cheeky backheel, beating SGE keeper Oka Nikolov.

Not that the match was beautiful, by any means. But it was enough. Enough to seal a title being 20 points up on Dortmund with only 18 left to play for. Enough to seal the fastest championship in Bundesliga history. Enough to not have to fret about the big, ugly salad plate and concentrate on two other trophies.

Not only are Bayern Munich crowned Deutschermeister once again, but they are Rekordmeister as well. Looking to tear apart the record books over 50 seasons of Bundesliga history, they have also won the most away matches in a season (the previous record being 11), and could go as high as 16.

Bayern is also chasing the most estimable of teams in their 1972-73 counterparts: With plus-64 goal differential, this year's squad is at plus-66, and it is just one short of tying a joint-held record by last season's Dortmund and that '70s Bayern squad, with 25 wins in a term, with six matches remaining in which to do it.

Astonishing, isn't it?

Florian Meyer blew the whistle after 90 minutes - plus three - and I would cry again. While Jupp Heynckes and Matthias Sammer played "good cop, bad cop" before the match over whether celebrating with beer was in order, I put my money on Jupp. Nothing crazy at P1, mind you, but celebration for a job outstandingly done. And hopefully the first of three trophies to send Herr Heynckes on his way.

Danke sehr, Jupp. Und danke sehr, FC Bayern Muenchen. Meine Liebe, mein Leben, mein Hertz.

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