Willkommen zu Bayern Muenchen, Javi Martinez!

Posted by Susie Schaaf

Endlich! After weeks of rumours, speculation and hand-wringing, we have got our man! Javi Martinez will be in an infrared practice kit on Thursday! And yes, I erroneously broke the news two days early, but I prefer to consider myself psychic.

Whether you consider this a record-breaking Bundesliga transfer- 40 million Euro, 10 million of it paid by Mr. Martinez himself in reduced wages over 5 years- or not, it's certainly a whole lot of coin. An inflated price, perhaps, because he's Basque and Athletic Bilbao is a Basque club, but Javi is truly a top, young rising talent that fills a gap we desperately need. And if you don't consider him up to the task - or worth the money- consider this: Bayern Munich beat Barcelona and Manchester City for him. That fact alone speaks of his obvious quality.

"But, we don't need another defensive midfielder," many have said. And technically, they're right. Look at where we got to last season: Second, second, second. That may be good enough for almost any other club in the world, but it is not good enough for Bayern Munich. Arrogant as that statement seems, Bayern Munich is one of five "Billion Dollar" clubs- alongside Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Arsenal - and are therefore expected to win trophies. (I'll refrain from saying, "Except for...")

Who is the odd-man-out? Antoliy Tymoschuk, it seems. Since Javi's medical, Tymo has changed his Twitter and Facebook pictures, erasing traces of him in a Bayern kit. Expect his transfer out, shortly. And, who'll be on the bench? Toni Kroos is the immediate loser. Sad to say, but with Bastian Schweinsteiger still returning to full fitness, our best DM pairing would be Luis Gustavo and Javi Martinez. Whether this happens on Saturday or not is yet to be seen.

Bayern Munich has finally accomplished, with this signing, what they'd set out to do: They now have quality, world-class even, back-ups in every position. And one of, if not the scariest, deepest midfields in all the land. Now if we could only get David Alaba, Diego Contento and Mario Gomez fit...

It has been a humorous, frustrating ride these last couple of days with plenty of journos and fans stalking the Lufthansa gates in Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, and thousands of fans around the world checking Lufthansa's flight tracker from Bilbao to Munich. (I can admit to being guilty of the same.) But, the cagey Bayern bosses hired a private jet to fly in Javi Martinez on the sly; completing his medical with the esteemed Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Medical check completed, Javi returned to Bilbao on Wednesday, accompanied by Bayern team lawyer Dr. Gerlinger, and apparently a big, fat 40 million Euro cheque to be turned over to Spain, and then finally in to the hands of the grasping, greedy clutches of Bilbao's president Jose Urrutia. I'm imagining a steel briefcase, handcuffed to Dr. Gerlinger, and a couple of 6-7 foot German bodyguards on his flanks. (Unfortunately, that isn't true.) And you can complain all you want, Jose. I highly doubt, with this much money on the line, that "strictly-by-the-books" Bayern Munich has done anything untoward.

Sigh. It's finally over. And even early, with two days left in the transfer window. I wonder what I'll have to write about now... and the number of supporters that will be at the Saebener Strasse on Thursday. I'm going for ten thousand. Care to make a friendly wager?

Willkommen zu Bayern Muenchen, Javi Martinez!

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