Go Barca: A shambolic non-attempt to hurt club stability

Posted by Francesc Tomas

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty ImagesA 'motion of censure' filed against FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has been recently dropped.

Sandro Rosell and his board of directors have been threatened by a group of unhappy Socis (a few club members under the name "Go Barca") filing an official "motion of censure" against the way the current president has been leading the club since he took charge in July 2010.

Speaking to the press today, and obviously very happy about the amount of media exposure they managed to attract to themselves, members Joan Arnes and Jordi Cases explained: "Lies and tricks are the common denominator. Brazil, the reform of the statutes, Qatar, the 'fans area' inside the ground. There has been constant deception."

Minutes later, they called their action off before it even started by complaining about the unfair system recently approved by the majority of their fellow club members: "They have changed the rules of the game. We feel tricked. We are pulling back because achieving the 15 percent is impossible. There is no 'motion of censure'."

It is obvious that Rosell has made many controversial decisions which many supporters disagree with: Taking former president Joan Laporta to court over leading the club into a horrendous 552-million-euros debt; stripping Johan Cruyff of the honorary-president title Laporta gave him without consulting club members at the end of his mandate; taking UNICEF off the players' chests and replacing the shirt sponsor with Qatar Airways; reported conflicts with Pep Guardiola, forcing him to leave the club; lack of care toward club legends such as Eric Abidal or Victor Valdes; and inability to sign the world-class centre-back the squad has needed now for several seasons.

Having said that, it would also be fair to recognise what he has actually done for Barcelona. Since Rosell's arrival, the club has gradually reduced debt to the current 331 million euros; agreed to the most lucrative sponsorship deal in world football (worth around 32 million euros per season, plus a 5 million bonus if the team wins the Champions League); signed Neymar despite interest from richer clubs; and appointed the largely unknown Gerardo Martino as coach, ensuring the evolution of Guardiola's system as rivals were beginning to find the antidote.

Personally, I believe that Blaugrana members should be given the right to decide the club's future when the time is right: The next election, in the summer of 2016.

I am aware that many impatient supporters will argue that Rosell could have destroyed the club even further by then but, honestly, I just don't see why the "Go Barca" platform would want to upset the club's stability when the team has two Champions League wins in as many games, is leading La Liga after the best start in history (21 out of 21 points so far) and is a significant 5 points ahead of Real Madrid even before the end of September.

Rosell is certainly not as charismatic as Laporta, Cruyff or Guardiola but, honestly, I just don't believe he is doing as disastrous a job as the "Go Barca" platform obviously wants to make supporters believe.

While it is clear many decisions that the current president has taken have hurt the feelings of many Barcelona fans, I would have preferred the media circus around the failed "motion of censure" to have been avoided, in the interests of giving the team and club as a whole the required stability for the season that started a mere six weeks ago.

Javier Mascherano, one of the most respected voices within the Catalans' dressing room, recently explained: "Barcelona have a tendency to be a little self-destructive at times. There always seems to be a 'but'. Last season, the team won the league, registering 100 points in the process, and yet it seems as though it's not a great achievement. The feeling now is that even though we won the Supercopa, we were not at our best. It's fair to say that we could have played much better, but at least we won and that's what really matters."

Gerard Piqué thinks similarly: "Too much importance is given to trivial matters. This is Barca; we know how things work here. We are the only club that wins 4-0 and spends the next week talking about poor possession stats. Winning is not enough; you must also play well."

As a Catalan, I must admit that we tend to be far too pessimistic at times. We are often too busy looking at the next challenge and, regrettably, that doesn't always let us enjoy what our hard work has achieved. Having said that, it is perhaps that inability to accept nothing but the very best that continues to drive us all forward to excellence and makes us who we really are.

As for the presidency, I am looking forward to the members deciding the club's future democratically so the team doesn't get distracted by unnecessary off-the-pitch battles.

Tots Units Fem Forca -- Together We Are Stronger.

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