Cristiano Ronaldo: Money can't buy me love

Posted by Francesc Tomas

Cristiano Ronaldo is sad and doesn't feel loved because of people inside Real Madrid. Poor guy. It must be hard to earn 10 million euros per season while playing your favorite sport in front of millions of adoring fans.

Said CR7 himself: "I'm sad because of a professional issue and Real Madrid know why. That's why I didn't celebrate the goals, because I'm not happy. The people at the club know why. I cannot say any more."

Oh dear. There must be something terrible going on behind closed doors for your star player to go on record with such statements, right? Perhaps all that glitters is not gold at the Bernabeu this season.

The Spanish media have been quick to suggest a number of possible causes: Ronaldo is still bitter about losing the 2012 UEFA Best Player award to Barca's own Andres Iniesta; ongoing disagreements with former best friend Marcelo after the Brazilian showed support for Casillas instead of him as the Ballon d'Or winner; even some last-minute transfer offers from big-spenders PSG or Anzhi.

However, I am fairly certain he is just using the media to get an improved contract considering that many of his fellow Madridistas recently signed better deals with the club. Sure, everyone is entitled to ask for a better salary but doing so in front of the world's media is simply not the way forward.

I spoke with a couple of Real Madrid fans earlier and, like me, they are appalled with Ronaldo's attitude. Considering that Spain is currently mired in a difficult economical situation, they argued that hearing a multi-millionaire footballer being unhappy with an annual wage of 10 million euros is simply unacceptable.

It is unexpected moments like this that make me even prouder to be Blaugrana. Can anyone in their right mind imagine Lionel Messi dropping such a bombshell in front of the media only a couple of weeks after the club's first official game of the season? Of course not. Luckily for Cules around the world, it looks like all of those years at La Masia have given our players not only remarkable footballing abilities, but also a priceless set of positives values in life.

From a Barcelona point of view, we should obviously focus on improving our own performance first but, honestly, it is difficult not to sit back and enjoy the "Cristiano Ronaldo vs The World Show." Plus, such drama is surely going to bring more instability to Real Madrid, something that will undoubtedly benefit Barcelona in the long run.

With Cristiano Ronaldo throwing another tantrum, Real Madrid already 5 points behind us in La Liga and Jose Mourinho still unhappy with his players despite winning their first Liga match of the season, you can surely expect some more controversy in the near future.

If there was anyone left out there thinking that money could buy you happiness: Cristiano Ronaldo proved you wrong.

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