A Roma Thanksgiving crossword

Posted by Julian De Martinis

Puzzle-maker.com A Roma Thanksgiving crossword.

Roma aren't an American team, of course, but under the ownership of James Pallotta and his American consortium, there is now much "American-ness" running through the club, all the way to one of the players on the pitch. Given that today is an American holiday (Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate) it seemed fitting to do something fun for the blog. Below is a Roma-themed Thanksgiving crossword puzzle along with the clues.

A link to a larger copy of the crossword can be found: here.Enjoy!


1. Contrary to popular belief, still around

5. The one who is actually celebrating Thanksgiving

6. Back to his best

7. A one-man show at times, he's sure got more in his arsenal than many thought

10. Perhaps the signing of the summer. Should rhyme with "Rock" but doesn't.

12. Not at the disco. On the pitch.

13. He's thankful for a new team and some Nutella.

14. Banishing blue demons


1. The right move for the offense.

2. Pure energy. Not present, not future; future-future?

3. The embodiment of Roma's midfield mentality

4. Roma can be thankful for him for keeping the gate shut tight, so to speak

8. Rocks work best in pairs

9. Never with this kind of pace on the flanks!

11. There is only one and there will always ever be

Crossword built courtesy of puzzle-maker.com


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