A Tale Of Two Transfers

Posted by Julian De Martinis

It's summer. Roma have just come off of a very disappointing season - one that started brightly, and had some good runs to be sure, but ended very lamely. The mercato looks like it'll be full of change as the side gets rid of deadweight and reinforces with youth and promise. Amidst the high-profile acquisitions, a young player is brought in under very unassuming conditions: on a temporary deal.

That player? He's had limited success in the past; bringing him to the club isn't to guarantee trophies now but in the hopes that he can grow down the line somewhere. Not much is expected of him and as the summer window winds on, the focus is upon new arrivals with more experience. Maybe he'll get a few appearances here and there. Maybe a January loan. Maybe one day he'll get a chance to shine. Not many predict that day would arrive so soon.

As the season progresses, the player finds more and more time on the pitch. Substitute appearances impress and lead to starts. The mistakes of youth are evident but they're a minor focus; this kid has talent. Serious, serious talent. He, who was once the benchee becomes the bencher, forcing the established men around him to shift in his wake. He quickly becomes a fan favorite - a sign of the direction and promise of this Roma project.

By the end of the summer, the club acquires him fully. It really seems like the only option - a player so young who acclimatised so quickly simply had to be purchased. And why not? The player looks likely to feature for the club for a long time, so long as he wasn't merely a one-season wonder.

Then, trouble arises. Rumors of a transfer away grow louder and louder until it seems inevitable. Why? Why would Roma sell such a beloved young player after such a short time? Money? Oh ... that's a tidy sum of money for someone so inexperienced. Off he goes, to another club with much ambition. In comes that money, quickly sunk into a replacement, in the hopes that Roma can somehow get better while losing a player who already did that.

Which player? Which year?

Marquinhos, 2013.

Borini, 2012.

We've been here before.




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