Could Milan really lure Guardiola?

Posted by Sumeet Paul

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi says he has met with former Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola.GettyImagesAC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi says he has met with former Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola.

Over the past fortnight, Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi has spoken regularly of his vision for the future of the club, insisting it is one based on youth and from building within. On Monday, he also revealed his on-going desire to convince Pep Guardiola to join the Rossoneri. Coincidence? Or does the man have a plan?

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"We're considering signing three youngsters in January. We're monitoring around 100 players who are between 15 and 21 years of age, as we believe that this is the right path to follow." Having also dismissed links with Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder for 'being too old', the former Italian PM has been far from shy in sharing his opinions with the media.

When asked as to whether Massimiliano Allegri would remain beyond his current contract which expires in 2014, Berlusconi politely asked reporters to move on to the next question. A little way further through the interview, he then gave his thoughts on Guardiola, revealing he had already held talks with the former Barcelona coach.

"I always tried to bring Guardiola to Milan, because over the last few years Barcelona played the best football. We contacted him, but he said he wanted to stay in a sabbatical.

"He said that at Milan he'd have fun and felt admiration towards me, and appreciation for the Lake Como, where I could offer a beautiful villa. At this moment, I have to say the percentage for him to come to Milan is very low."

So, is this all part of a realistic plan? Probably not. Guardiola has long been linked with a move to England when his sabbatical draws to a close, which he has suggested will be for the start of next season, and he makes his much anticipated return to football.

However, by laying the foundations of a youth system and presenting a project not too dissimilar to the one which Guardiola oversaw at Barcelona in his early years, is Berlusconi building a plan for the club which could simultaneously influence Pep?

In a previous blog, I questioned the impact Guardiola would have considering the magnitude of the task that would face him. No-one can question the significant success he enjoyed at Barcelona, but having some of the most gifted players of a generation at his disposal certainly made his job a lot easier.

While it does seem ridiculous to question him, would he really be the perfect man for this job? There are few others who would be ahead of him in the pecking order, but given the recent failure of Luis Enrique at Roma, albeit the Spaniard had considerably less experience, it would perhaps still be a risk.

However, if Berlusconi can somehow persuade Guardiola to take charge at Milan, it will undoubtedly be a massive coup for the club, one which would have the fans excited, including myself, putting scepticism aside. Admittedly it seems unlikely, but with the president throwing in villas in idyllic locations and more importantly a tangible project to excite Guardiola, could it be possible?

Is there any chance of Guardiola taking over at Milan? Would he be the right man to help rebuild Milan?

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