Can Barbara Berlusconi and Galliani co-exist?

Posted by Sumeet Paul

OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty ImagesTime will tell if Adriano Galliani, left, and Barbara Berlusconi, right, will be able to lead Milan forward together.

Last week appeared to bring sweeping clarity to the management situation at Milan, with Adriano Galliani conceding that he would resign as CEO. However, after a four-hour summit with Silvio Berlusconi at his private villa, his resignation was rejected and a new structure was agreed upon. That structure would see Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi work together.

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It is understood that the duo will work in tandem for the next four years, with Galliani overseeing the sporting sector of the club while "Lady B" re-organizes the technical sector. Initially that sounds fairly straight-forward and achievable, but will there be an ensuing power struggle?

During the initial confusion over the situation, it was well documented that Berlusconi was keen to reintroduce Paolo Maldini to the club, bringing him in for a much desired operational role. However, given his reportedly tenuous relationship with Galliani, that is now unlikely to materialise.

Instead, Sean Sogliano has emerged as the favourite to take on the role as sporting director, while Pietro Leonardi and Riccardo Bigon have been named as potential alternatives by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Whichever individual is appointed, it is a step in the right direction for Milan as they will finally address the need to find a "young and dynamic sports director", as put by Gazzetta, who will give fresh impetus in finding young talents from around the world.

Ultimately, both Berlusconi and Galliani will come to the realisation that they are working with the best interests of the club at heart. However, there is expected to be initial ill-feeling after the former practically made it public that the club needed to change.

Much of their working relationship will come down to compromise, and they are expected to hold talks in the upcoming days to agree on a clear vision for the Rossoneri moving forward.

However, it is unclear as to whether their differences of opinion on certain matters will drag this off the pitch soap opera on longer than needed. Reports suggest that Berlusconi is not entirely happy with the arrangement, while Galliani will undoubtedly feel as though he is being undermined in various scenarios.

As a result, would it perhaps have been better for a clean breakaway in a complete generational change as opposed to now risking the possibility of further conflict by attempting to keep all parties happy?

Putting a positive spin on this management re-structuring, Milan could perhaps benefit from having the best of both. While Galliani has been lauded in the press by many coaches and players that he had previously worked with, his knowledge and transfer market nous would have been sorely missed.

Meanwhile, Berlusconi's modern outlook on how to run the club as well as her vision for the future will hopefully force through a change in attitude as well as personnel which will benefit Milan both financially and in terms of the playing squad.

Admittedly, the situation is still a little tense at this stage as there is anxiousness over whether or not it can work. However, if it does work, then the Rossoneri have the potential of a well-balanced and modernised management structure moving forward, although if they are forced to continue to work within financial restrictions, then it may mean little at all.

Will the Galliani-Berlusconi relationship work? Or would you have preferred a clean start which would have included Maldini's arrival?

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