Is Seedorf ready for the Milan bench?

Posted by Sumeet Paul

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With Massimiliano Allegri's future still shrouded in doubt, recent speculation has linked a Milan legend as a potential replacement at the end of the season. Reports suggest Silvio Berlusconi wants Clarence Seedorf to become the next Milan coach, but is it really the right move?

In short, no it is not. La Gazzetta dello Sport circulated the rumour ahead of the Catania game, reporting that regardless of whether Allegri reaches the Champions League next season or not, the club, namely Berlusconi, wishes to part company with the current boss with Seedorf identified as an ideal successor.

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"All those who made Milan history enter the conclave the day Allegri leaves. After that, who knows who will emerge as the new Pope?" Galliani told reporters on Sunday.

"The passion of the president for his great former champions is absolutely real and that applies to Seedorf as well as the other players who took this club to the top of the world," he added.

Having spent 10 glorious years with the Rossoneri, the Dutchman is remembered fondly by all involved with the club. An icon, role model and wonderfully talented footballer, he continues to impress despite his advanced years following his summer move to Botafogo.

The 37-year-old has arguably demonstrated his leadership skills throughout a glittering career, and speaks with knowledge of the game beyond many of his fellow team-mates over the years.

Having listened to him during international football events for various broadcasters, he possesses a tactical and analytical brain, one that breaks down a game of football and shows a mental aptitude toward being able to venture into a managerial career further down the line.

Yet to appoint him as the next coach without any previous management experience would be a grave mistake, one that could derail the club's development should the gamble not work.

Galliani is reportedly against such a move, given his unwavering support for Allegri throughout the campaign, it appears as though the idea is the work of those at the very top of the club.

It isn't entirely unprecedented, as Milan have a history of giving relatively unknown individuals in the managerial sphere the chance to lead the club forward. However, in modern day football there are various examples as to why this is a risky proposal.

Former team-mates have recognised and responded to the speculation, giving further credence to the possibility it is genuinely being considered.

"We'll have to see what is in the mind of Clarence. But he has some excellent qualities, he could easily be a coach or a director," Hernan Crespo told Sky Sport Italia.

Elsewhere, Gianluca Zambrotta admitted that although there are no doubts over his ability as a player, "being a coach is something totally different".

It is a wonderful story that has worked at other clubs. A former great returns to take the bench, builds on the club's history and moulds it within the modern day strategy to seal great success.

However, as tempting as it may sound, it is quite clear that Seedorf is not ready to handle the magnitude of the job that he would face if the speculation were to be true.

The next season or two could well define the club's future as they rebuild and renovate the squad from the youth level to the senior squad. To put that in the hands of an untested coach at the highest level, would have a predictably bad ending.

Would Seedorf make a good coach, now or in the future? If Allegri is set to leave, who would make a better replacement?

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